So yesterday was the daughter’s birthday party – delayed by a couple of weeks because of exams.

Thanks to able assistance and prodding from various friends, Shubha and I decided give Anjali some culture: we bought her a Yamaha PSR295 keyboard, in the sincere hope that she will learn to play it and continue the line of family musicians (my mom and I both play instruments). Indications are that she will – by 2 am, she was doing Fur Elise the way I have never been able to, and was figuring out chords and note relationships. Things look good. Maybe she’ll form a band some day. She certainly has lots of inspiration around!

The party was great fun – tons of people around, and of course all of Anjali’s favourite male specimen. ;) BTW – since Gaurav celebrates his birthday on the 12th of April, we decided to make it a dual gig, with two cakes and stuff. (We stopped just short of giving him presents, to encourage him to throw a party so that we can address that part :)

Tons of food, lots of singing and laughing, even some birthday bumps. Chocolate mousse and cake. Wife’s trademarked German Potato Salad. Chicken kababs. Good stuff.

I love parties with lots of friends around.

p.s. What’s Andre? That’s the name Anjali gave her keyboard, in the great tradition of people naming their instruments. Strangely enough, while Gaurav and JD gave their instruments female names, Anjali’s keyboard got a male name!