Balans/Kneeling Chair

Lots of people visit my site every day, even more read my diary via RSS. So maybe one of you can help me out here:

I am trying to find a source for a “Balans Chair”, also known as a “Kneeling Chair”. This a chair design that forces good/correct sitting posture, without the use of a backrest. My long hours over two decades of sitting down and working are beginning to take their toll. :(

Here is an example:

Here is an example of a more modern office type version:

If anyone knows of a source for chairs like these in Bangalore, please let me know, and I would be ever so grateful. There are plenty of sources outside India, but I need to buy these locally – importing is not an option.

Many thanks in advance!


  1. Swaminathan says:

    This Varier Balans Chair is available in Bangalore in rubber-wood and fabric
    upholstry. Quality of build is fairly good. I purchased one in December 2009 for
    Rs 2700 (inclusive of VAT). After folding it flat and packing,its quite compact
    and can be hand-carried on train / flight.

    In case you could not get it in Mumbai, contact…

    Exxon Agencies
    Showroom No.77 Commercial Street, Bangalore 560001
    Tel: 080-25320594