BSNL Dataone and charges

For those of you still speculating about this (and hoping that it isn’t so), here’s some bad news:

I got someone very influential to get BSNL to go on record about the current status of billing, and the answer is:

BSNL *has* started charging for traffic over your subscribed limit from July 1st.

And in *all* places in India. No exceptions.

That means your usage *over* your subscribed limit (1/2/5 GB for 256/384/512 kbps) in the month of July will reflect in your telephone bill that you will get in August, at Rs.2/1.5/1.5 per MB over your subscribed limit.

So if you have a 256 kbps connection (1 GB limit), and have downloaded 5 movies at an average of 500 MB each, for a total of 2500 MB (2.5 GB), then you will be paying

Rs.500 +((2500-1000) * Rs.2) = Rs.3500

in August.

If you work it out, you will see that it makes much more sense to switch to the HOME1800 (512kbps, 5 GB) plan immediately. Starting now.

BSNL Dataone Tariffs page here.