Eventful weekend

Heh – lots of stuff been happening over the weekend.

The FOSS.IN/2005 Speaker Registration opened, and we already have 25 speakers signed up. And though I can’t yet tell you who they are, there are some really well-known names in that list.

What we are waiting for now is for the Indian speakers to wake up and start registering. Remember, speaker/talk registrations close on October 8th.

Then Planet FOSS.IN happened. It lets the “interested parties” know who is building, supporting and contributing to the event. Of course, these are not all the people – there are plenty more, and they will be added on as they let us know their blog feed URLs. Once speakers are selected, they will be added on as well. damn, that’s going to be a massive planet! :) Many thanks to Shreyas and Gopal for setting it up.

For those who don’t know what a “planet” site is – it is essentially an RSS aggregator that collects all the latest posts from member blogs. This is a pretty hot concept, and has been implemented by many projects all around the Internet. You should also check out Planet FLOSS India.

Mini meet happened on Sunday, causing greater clarity on hackfests at the event, and the Modus Operandi that will be used. Good stuff – someone will probably mail the list with details.

One pointer at just how important this event is to people can be seen in how much energy some people are spending discussing it – even if it is just to diss it. IAC, if you are interested in knowing what this event is *not* about, check out The Eyeball Trap.

And on the personal front – I spent Sunday stripping down my 1980-vintage Ibanez AR50, cleaning it up, putting on new strings, fixing some of the electronics, etc. I have some tunes in my head that need recording, and I hope to do that this week.