Happy Birthday, Anjali (and others)!

Today my daughter Anjali (Geetanjali for long, brat for short :) ) celebrates her 15th birthday. So here’s wishing her a Happy Birthday, and no – she can’t have the car keys. Nor am I going to ask her what she would like to have for her birthday: when she was three years old, someone asked her what she liked, and she replied (without batting an eyelid) “Boys”. These days, the answer would probably be Rahul Dravid, in a pink ribbon (and not much else), so I am going to pass on that.

Others who celebrate their birthdays today are people from both my worlds:

From the Free & Open Source world, we have Apache founder Brian Behlendorf. Brian was present at my birthday in 2004, where I invited him to come and speak at Linux Bangalore/2004 (and he promptly accepted), so I decided to track his birthday – only to find that he shares a birthday with my daughter! Whoa! Happy Birthday, Brian!

The music world is quite crowded with Pisceans and Arians, and two people who celebrate their birthdays today are:

Rajesh Mehar, known on LiveJournal as FatMuttony, plays guitar, vocalist, percussionist and allround funny man with Thermal and a Quarter. He is so cool and so warm and so funny that just seeing him on stage makes you feel good – nevermind the fact that once he launches into a song, he brings the house down! :) Happy Birthday, Mutts, and the answer is Yes!

Those of you who know me personally, know of my love for music – especially the 60s rock and roll and blues kind. One person who totally dominates my universe is Eric Clapton – guitarist extraordinaire, singer, composer and generally influential person. When I was young, I wanted to be just like him. Today, I still do.