Phenom/FOSS v/s Parikrama/Microsoft

This has *got* to be the most hilarious backfire *ever*!

As you must have probably heard, Microsoft has commissioned Parikrama to write a song on an emergency basis, to be pubicised and performed during the Microsoft-hijacked MAIT event on the 9th of December at Bangalore Palace, in the august presence of Sir Bill Gates. You can read the lyrics of the song here – notice the line “Opens all the windows, as he shuts the door”.

Well, it didn’t take long for people to figure out what’s going on. In a recent discussion on the FOSS.IN/2005 Mailing List, Phenom‘s LB/2002 version of “Linux Can!” was discussed, and of course the song was downloaded a gadzillion times.

When news of the Microsoft song “leaked” (yeah, right!), people showed that they had figured out the connection – today alone, “Linux Can!” has been downloaded dozens of times, but more importantly, Phenom’s own album Unbound has seen a massive increase in downloads – in fact so many times that it has eclipsed all previous daily download figures! Talk about voting with your feet. :)

Phenom will be performing an updated version of “Linux Can!” at FOSS.IN/2005 – be there to cheer them on! And when the Parikrama/Microsoft song comes out on the 9th, be sure to compare that with this song (and of course the other Phenom songs).

And for hardnosed Phenom fans – Phenom told me this evening that they are ready with their new material and can begin recording now – but more importantly they are going to perform some of the new songs at the gig on the 2nd!

In 2002, MS attempted to buy themselves a country for $400 Million, and failed.

Think they can buy it now, for a song? :)