Star Wars Day (unofficial)

So I decided to declare yesterday as the Unofficial Star Wars Day.


Because I could – it is unofficial, after all.

And to celebrate the event, I plunked myself into bed, grabbed my trusty old Thinkpad, my AKG K240DF headphones and my Official Starwars Trilogy DVD set, made sure that there was plenty of food and fluid within arm’s reach, and watched all three movies back-to-back, and then, for good measure, watched the 2 hour Star Wars documentary DVD as well.

I finished at 1:00 in the morning, and vowed not to drive a car for the a week – I didn’t think that would have been such a hot idea.

I own the original VHS tapes as well, and have managed to wear them thin over the years, and was therefore able to really appreciate all the extra stuff on the DVDs. The attack scenes during the climax of Episode 4, or the first appearance of Jabba the Hut that was never shown in the cinemas or tape, and all the extra little scenes, sounds, colours and other updates. Gorgeous.

I am an unabashed Star wars fan. Which naturally means that I hated Episodes 1 and 2 (the prequels).

Episode 3 (out this summer), will be the last one of the series unless George Lucas can manage to gather enough energy to do the rumoured three sequels as well (7, 8 and 9).

Join me, as I go down on my knees to pray to the Almighty that Lucas manage to do a better job than Episode 2.

And no – you cannot borrow my DVD set. Not unless you are someone really special.

[Update:] Next Weekend, I think, shall be “Unofficial Startrek Weekend”. I’ll have to start on Saturday – 10 Movies to watch. :)