Thinking about new approaches

Of late, I have been thinking about doing something new.

This doesn’t necessarily mean something different from what I have been doing all this time – it could also just mean a different approach to it.

My commitment to the things I believe in and have been pushing remains unchanged. But maybe I should start looking at other ways of pushing it along.

It was Archimedis who said “Give me a lever long enough and a prop strong enough and I can single-handedly move the world”. What he didn’t tell you is that the position of the prop (or fulcrum) is equally important. If it is too close to you, you end up putting in a lot of effort with little effect, but if it is further away from you and closer to the thing you want to move, even the smallest effort will result in major action.

Over the past 5-6 years, I have essentially been doing things in more or less the same way. But in this time, the length of the lever on the side of the load has grown considerably, and I feel that my efforts to get things to move are less effective than they used to be.

Maybe it is time to reposition the fulcrum.