CiX Meet, anyone?

It’s been 7 years this last month since my BBSCiX – shut down in March 1999, after running for almost a decade (it went live 1-Dec-1989, as India’s first online service of any sort).

During those years, many online friendships were formed, and occasionally we used to meet in real life (IRL) as well. Those meets were called “CiX Meets”, and were quite popular. Here are some pictures from some of those meets, and people.

Many of us are still in touch, but there is an equally large number of CiX members who have never seen each other face to face.

I wonder where everyone is? What are they doing now?

Would anyone be interested in a CiX meet? Say sometime this month or in May?

Small group or large, let’s meet up one evening somewhere, quaff some beers and gobble some samosas, and talk about times gone by, like old (wo)men, and renew old friendships, exchange addresses and rave about one’s children, pets and latest bee in the bonnet.

If you are interested, please write to me (you know the address – if not, use the contact form).