New kid on the block: MunduRadio! :)

When I joined Geodesic back in June, lots of people asked me “So what does Geodesic do?”

Time to answer that question. :)

Geodesic is in the communication and collaboration space, but not on the PC (at least not primarily), but on mobile platforms. And we aren’t absent from the PC platform either – if you have ever used IndiaTimes messenger, then you have used our product.

And the first project that I got involved with is one that very nicely showcases what the company can do, and why I joined it:

Say hello to MunduRadio!

This is a little application for your Internet-enabled PalmOS, Symbian or PocketPC devices (PDAs and phones) that lets you play unlimited internet radio stations. The site lets you maintain your playlist (so that you don’t have to painfully do it on your mobile device), and you push a button on your device, sync the playlist, and choose which station you wish to listen to.

Simple, and *very* effective.

You can listen to it on Wifi, GPRS, CDMA – i.e. anything that lets you get at the Internet. The default set of stations is optimised for low bandwidth usage on GPRS, but if you have faster connectivity (WiFi or CDMA), you can happily sync in high-bandwidth stations as well.

And of course, the default set includes everyone’s favourite Internet radio station – RadioVeRVe! Yep, our little amateur radio station, dedicated to playing only independent music from India, has hit the big time, and we are already beginning to see the impact as connections have started coming in from all over the world.

There are many more applications like these in the works, but I am not allowed to talk about them yet. So stay tuned!

And if you have any comments about MunduRadio, do let me know. I’ll pass them on to the team, who are already working on the next version, as well as on other mobile apps.