Warning to BSNL DataOne users

Be aware that as of this time, BSNL has *NOT* enabled the Unlimited Schemes (UL 900 Plus and UL 900), though they have appear to have cut down the speed for people who applied for a switch from higher speeds.

When I spoke to BSNL at Bangalore this evening, I was told that as of now, all transfers are still subject to the original scheme’s download limits, and transfers *will* be charged.

So don’t go and do something stupid like lining up a several huge downloads until your visit to (only from DataOne connections, and only using IE or Opera) tells you that your Current Service (under User Info) is UL 900 Plus or UL 900). In fact the BSNL person told me that “customers will be informed about the conversion when it is done”. Don’t hold your breath on that one, though.

To make sure that your request for conversion has been registered, go to “Service Order Records”.

There is a very good likelyhood that BSNL may take several days to do the actual conversion of billing schemes, and all usage until then will be billed.

Update: The above was written at 23:45, after checking my User Info on the portal, which still said HOME 1000. About 20 minutes after I posted this, my link suddenly dropped, and came back a minute later. Guessing what had happened, I checked my User Info on the portal, and sure enough it had changed to HOME UL 900 Plus. A quick speed test confirmed that the speed was now 256/64.