Whoa (The sequel)

Now that we safely past the 20th of March, I can answer an open question from an earlier post – who was that friend who presented me the new camera?

That friend was Harald Welte, who was in India from end February to the 20th of March, on a holiday with his fiancee, Elisabeth. I was sworn to silence, so that he didn’t have to turn down the usual tons of invitations from geek groups, companies and tons of other people. :)

Harald, whom I first met during Linux Bangalore/2003, and who has become a really close friend, is facinated with India – and loves Bollywood movies and Indian food. Elisabeth studies India at the University in Berlin, and this was her first trip to the subject of her studies! You should have seen the look on my driver’s face when she spoke to him in Hindi! :)

They appear to have had a good time here, especially on their 12-day Kerala trip, thanks to Swati Sani, whose timely intervention made it happen, after initial delays and goofups (and brain-dead travel agents) almost aborted that trip.

I have been taking gadzillions of photos with the new camera, and should start uploading some of them now. Will do that once I finish the revamp of this site.