Announcing Mundu IM v4

I am happy to announce that Geodesic has released Mundu IM v4. News can be read all over the place.

Mundu IM v4 is an Instant Messaging client for mobile devices. Initially for PalmOS and Windows Mobile based devices, it will appear on several other platforms as well in the near future.

Using Mundu IM v4, you can (via GPRS, WiFi, CDMA, etc.) access all your IM contacts on Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL and generic Jabber services while on the road – and all at the same time. No PC required!

You can chat with your contacts, send them photos and other stuff from your device, and even (between selected services) do a cross-service chat – you can have a conference with users on different services as if they were all on the same service.

Mundu IM is very special to me. I have been heavily involved with this project since I joined Geodesic, and in fact it was an earlier version of Mundu IM that brought me to Geodesic to begin with! :)

This version is a complete revamp – with a modern, functional interface, tons of features, massive usability improvements, etc. Those of you who have attended my “Thinking beyond the PC” [pdf] talks will recognize many of the points that I have spoken about.

And we are hell-bent on making Mundu IM the world’s primary Mobile Instant Messenger. There is a free trial period, and once you are convinced, the special promotional price will ensure that you won’t have an excuse not to buy it. :)

I’d like to say put on record HUGE thanks to the fantastic team at Geodesic that developed Mundu IM, and who put up with my insane pushing and nit-picking, especially over the past few months. You have produced a product that is world class, and you have made us all proud.

Take a bow, Team Geodesic.