Interview with the BPB

The Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung did an interview with me back in September 2006, while I was at the Wizards of OS conference in Berlin.

This interview has now been published (in both English and in German).

There have been a number of reports about my talk at the Chaos Communication Congress, including one that I am especially proud of – a report by the Tagesschau, Germany’s most respected News program (and one that I have been watching since my childhood). Yes, it is in German, but I am sure that the numerous tools offered by Google and Altavista (the latter is probably better for this) will help you get the gist of it.

And if you’d like to *hear* me do an interview in German, has you covered. And yes, I needed a haircut (and finally had one today).

And finally, my talk at the CCC is now also available online as a 144 MEGABYTES MPEG4 video file. It was not one of my better talks – I was tired, the talk was at 8:30pm in the night, and I really should have prepared more for the kind of audience I was going to face. But it went down well, and triggered off many discussions that lasted the next three days of the conference, and still gets me a lot of mail.

My Germany trip this time was exhausting – landed on the 22nd of December, left on the 2nd of January, and I was hardly at home.

And I didn’t get to see the inside of a single shop!

The only thing I got myself was a new Palm Treo 680 Smartphone – thanks to delivering even in the Christmas period. And yes, *this* is a smartphone, unlike a device recently announced that does not allow the installation of third party applications.

More about this beast in another post.