The Question

If you ever wanted to figure out what is holding back Linux (and FOSS) from people’s desktops, then you should probably read this.


Aaron Seigo (a past speaker at FOSS.IN), has really hammered it home, but without using the offensive approach the media usually uses when talking about Linux on the desktop (“as in “What’s wrong with Linux”, “Why Linux won’t succeed”, etc.).

He points out that the real problem isn’t that Linux can’t do something, or that Linux *won’t* do something – it is that that no one is really putting together and asking The Question (read his post to understand what that means).

I want to see FOSS.IN/2007 become the place where The Question gets formulated and asked. It’s the perfect place, given that so many of the world’s FOSS movers and shakers will be there and can provide inputs.

Will you be there? Will you help ask The Question?