Would you like to see President Kalam continue?

I would like President Kalam continue as President of India for a second term.

Never in our recent history have we had a president who has been so close to the people, who understands the challenges of the times, and who has not been afraid to voice his opinions about tthings.

People trust him, and believe in what he says. He inspires the citizens of India, and the rest of the world. I can think of no one more qualified to represent India as head of state, and even though the role of President of India is often seen as a ceremonial one, rather than a functional one, President Kalam has actually managed to change that image, and given the post more meat – and more teeth.

I know that many people don’t believe such things work, but for me, signing this petition is putting my name to a thought I would love to see come true.

If you think the way I do, then consider letting the world know, by adding your name to this petition.