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Meet my new companion…

Ever since I got diagnosed with cancer in August 2012, I have been acutely aware of the fact that professionally, things were going to change dramatically for me. While I intend to beat this thing, I also need to consider that a lot of things will change for me – things that I can do, [...]

The Rise Of The Tablets

Suddenly, a huge light went on over my head. I now understood, better than ever, why the iPad (and tablets in general) had succeeded where the PC had failed.

The Imminent “Smartphone” Plateau

I believe that the concept of the primadonna “smartphone” has started to plateau. Despite protests from the gadget crowd (who usually are the last to know anyway because they are too enamoured with their latest purchase), I see the “smartphone” having run its race. It will now give way to what the original Personal Digital [...]

A question of ethics

If you involve me in a process that I find out to be of questionable quality, repeatedly object, recuse myself immediately after, and ask you not to use my name to rubber stamp your questionable results, but you still do, what does that say about you? (To be continued) p.s. Am currently keeping comments on [...]

Technology is about Benefits, not Devices

Note: This article was originally written in late 2011. If you found this post useful you may also want to read this post about eBooks I am often asked by some very confused people – “Should I buy an eBook reader, or a tablet?” The answer lies in what your primary use is going to [...]

TataSky: How to rip off your customers

12-May-2011 Update: The new HD DVR has now been ordered and paid for, and will be delivered in a few days. My existing account will be transferred to this box, and my existing TataSky+ SD DVR will be installed at my mother-in-law’s place, transferring her account to it. If all goes well, this story should [...]

How I use my iPad

Ever since I got myself an Apple iPad (64GB, Wifi only) in early April, people have been asking me why I bought it, and how I use it. These questions just got more common once people saw me on the NDTV techlife awards, with the iPad glued to my hand. And since Twitter is such [...]