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The Imminent “Smartphone” Plateau

I believe that the concept of the primadonna “smartphone” has started to plateau. Despite protests from the gadget crowd (who usually are the last to know anyway because they are too enamoured with their latest purchase), I see the “smartphone” having run its race. It will now give way to what the original Personal Digital [...]

Tablets Are Not Mobile Devices!

The biggest buzzword in town these days is, of course, “mobile”. Everyone is talking about it, everyone wants in on the game, and of course everyone predicts that it will be the next cash cow. The problem is that just about everything smaller than a PC is now being tagged as a “mobile platform”, including [...]

Location Based Services should service Needs, not Opportunities

(I get yelled at a lot when I post something more than a couple of tweets long on Twitter, with people asking for a blog post that consolidates the thoughts. So here is one – let’s see how this goes…) Location Based Services (LBS) are services that take into account the user’s current location (determined [...]