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On Online Privacy

Recently, I was interviewed by a publication on the subject of online privacy, who then chose to use only part of the answers they asked of me. As it is my policy in such cases, here is the entire set of answers I gave.

Tablets Are Not Mobile Devices!

The biggest buzzword in town these days is, of course, “mobile”. Everyone is talking about it, everyone wants in on the game, and of course everyone predicts that it will be the next cash cow. The problem is that just about everything smaller than a PC is now being tagged as a “mobile platform”, including [...]

Are you really a supporter of your cause?

When you say that you are a supporter of something, have you ever considered whether you are in fact a supporter (someone who actively contributes to the cause) or just a casual fan – someone who simply follows the crowd when there is fun to be had, but does nothing actively to further the cause?

Marketing is a River

It is interesting how misunderstood the concept of “marketing” is. Way too many people equate marketing with selling, creating awareness about a product, a campaign, etc. Something that you do at a specific time, when you are trying to achieve an objective. And usually something negative. Let me try and explain how I see the [...]