Tech Rider

When I speak at an event, I have a few requirements:

  1. Microphone: I require my hands free, and I move around a lot. Therefore, I need a good quality, cordless lapel/lavelier microphone. I do not use handheld or podium microphones.
  2. Laptop: I may use a few supporting slides during my talk, and I project them exclusively from my own laptop. I also use my own presenter-remote. I may need an audio connection for any multimedia content I may show, and I will definitely need a power socket to plug my laptop into.
  3. Slides: Do not ask me for my slides before the event – I will give you a copy after my talk. If you want the slides up front to “check what is going to be said”, you have probably invited the wrong kind of speaker – I know what my subject is and what I will talk about.
  4. Projector: I will need to connect my laptop to a reasonable projector, capable of taking VGA or HDMI input, at a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 x 16 million colours.
  5. WiFi: I will probably need WiFi access in the hall. This may not be necessary for the talk itself, but may be needed for any stuff I need to do, including networking the gadgets that I use, or making any last minute changes to my slides (for which I will need internet access).
  6. Water: I will require a small bottle of cold mineral water (250/500 ml) I can hold in my hand. Please don’t provide a 1 or 2 litre bottle and a glass – it distracts.
  7. Stage: Please do not have a row of tables and chairs on the stage when I am speaking. I am a speaker, not a panel! I like to “roam” on stage, and really don’t want to have to navigate an obstacle course!
  8. Introduction: I hate long introductions – they waste everyone’s time. I will introduce myself if necessary, but as far as possible, I’d like to get started with my talk ASAP.
  9. Questions: I like to answer questions after the talk, but if the audience is more than 10-15 people, taking questions while I am talking (no matter how much someone disagrees with what I am saying) is disruptive for everyone.

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