Auld Lang Syne

Last Friday gave a talk at the IPv6 Forum’s 6ig, which went off quite well. Announced the BLUG’s new IPv6 Deployment Effort, which should start bearing results in July.

I have been asked to speak at several other events in July, but I think it is only fair that I concentrate on EPLAWS for now.

Saturday was fun. Nikhil Datta (aka “El Cid”) flew in from Hyderabad on a nostalgia trip (triggered by seeing all the photos of IT.COM ’99).

Saturday’s BLUG meet went off well, with interesting stuff being discussed and shown. Lots of “old” faces there, including Mrinal, Kalyan, Naim Kazi, Nikhil, (the usually absconding) Shanu and Sony. And of course Jessie, without whom *nothing* happens (or works). It was almost like old times.

Post BLUG-meet, the Exocore gang (including honorary members Nikhil, Kalyan and Mrinal, and guest Kiran) headed for Windsor Pub, where we were given a display of utter favouritism (in our favour ;) , when the owner saw us walk into the completely overcrowded pub, and quickly freeing up a reserved table for us, before ensuring that the pride-of-place center-table was cleared for our benefit in a short while. I *love* it when someone makes gestures like that, and it explains in part why we go there so often (the other parts being, of course, the excellent food and atmosphere). Vaibhav eventually couldnt make it because no auto-rikshaw was willing to take him to Vasanthnagar.

Nikhil crashed the night over at my place before returning to Hyderabad, because he was keen on getting back to work (I’d like to tell you where he works, but his company shredded the nameplate, amongst other things…. ;-)

But it was good to have El Cid around, though it was sad to see him going so corporate (he internalizes core competencies in a strategic manner to achieve optimum synergy) that he only uses Linux to play MP3s, and still uses Netscape 4.x instead of Galeon or Mozilla.

That’s one techie gone to seed… ;-)

Today is the Football Worldcup Final, Germany v/s some also-ran South American team. Naturally, things being as they are, our cable guy isn’t showing the Worldcup, so I have a choice of going to the office and seeing it there, or catching a re-run on some channel later. Since the result is a foregone conclusion anyway, I’ll think I will stay at home.

Update: I am glad I stayed at home. Turns out that our cable guy *is* showing the Worldcup (in fact has always been – my TV wasn’t tuned!), and Shanu warned us just in time. So I get to see the match at 29″ and at home. Catch you guys later! ;-)

Later: Bah. Gloom. While many people may have had no reason to cheer for either side, I *did* have a reason to cheer for Germany. Sad that they now have to wait another four years to get back the place they deserve.