6 hours guitar – non-stop!

Woah! I am bushed! Am staying at home and relaxing today!

Last night, Shubha and I went to Allen and Sandhya Mendonca’s anniversary bash – way out Whitefield side. This was a bash with a difference – BYOLM (Bring Your Own Live Music)!

Everyone was encouraged to bring their musical instruments and gear and show up, prepared to do battle.

So I packed assorted gear (two guitars, a 100W RMS amp, mixer, echo unit, mike and stand, bunches of cables, guitar stands) into the 500 litre booth of my car, and we headed off.

The trip to the place took us more than 1.5 hours, thanks to the lovely Bangalore traffic. IAC, we reached there by 7:30pm, along with lots of rain (the party was open-air ;) . Set up equipment quickly, and we were up and running by 8pm.

More guests trickled in, and the next time I looked around, we were 6 guitarists, several keyboard players, innumerable singers, stacks of equipment.

And we played. To be precise, we played from 8pm to around 2:30am – without a break (we used to spell each other to get some food and drink in, but otherwise no breaks).

Needless to say, by 2:30am, I was *dead*, my hands were falling off my arms, my feet were aching and my back was killing me.

The drive back took far less time, thanks to empty roads. I was in bed by 3:15pm.

What a night! ;-)