So ya, thought ya, could crash out tonight…..


Spent the whole day at home yesterday, but by evening, old friend Harsha lured me out of my lair. Picked me up in the evening, and we headed for the Windsor pub for a man-to-man chat, with me at the receiving end.

We reached there by 7pm, to an amazing sight – on a saturday evening, the Winsor Pub was *empty*.

IAC, we settled in a corner, and started vaccuuming each other’s minds. A while later looked up, to see the pub *crammed* to capacity!

We continued chatting, talking about business, lost opportunities, stuff to do in the future, comparing business strategies, swapping tales from the trenches. Before we knew it, it was almost 10pm – and we had ingested an unholy amount of food and drink (coke and mineral water!), and were beginning to slow down.

Suddenly the pub door opened, and in walked Samyeer Metrani, wife, kid, cousins, friends, their wives/SOHs…. and the place was *full*.

Since we were leaving anyway, we gave up our table to them – great fun to see 8 of them crammed around a single small table! ;-)

Paid our bill and almost made our escape when the door opened again and in walked Khader. He looked around, and his face grew long. Apparently, Shanu and Sony were also on their way. And no place!

We scooted from there, and headed for the Richie Rich icecream parlour, where we talked some more, and gorged on “Large Elvis” and “Mango with icecream”. Drool.

Got home and realised that I had missed 50% of one of the most important episodes of Star Trek Voyager – Scorpion 1, the one that leads to the introduction of 7of9!!!!!! Waaaaahhhhh!!! Will have to see both this episode and the concluding part today.