CALL ISSUER %^$#^%$$%#@@!!!!!!

OK, Phase 1 of The Secret Project happened. Now battling with Phase 2.

Been spending my days examining wireless networking options – will need that at home, since wiring up the place would be too messy, and IAC I want to be able to sit in the garden and work on my notebook.

BTW – apart from my 40th Birthday on the 20th, the other big event is our 15th wedding anniversary on the 23rd. Planning a minor private bash at home to celebrate both occasions.

Got my car back. Completely repainted, all items fixed, CD player now works, Radio works, all lights work, no squeals, no noise. Sundaram Motors finally came through. Cool.

Fight with Citibank when they happily refused all my credit cards while I was trying to fill petrol. Turns out that the misleading message the petrol pump validator was showing (“CALL ISSUER”) meant “Problem with link, please call Citibank and validate manually”. By that time, the petrol pump guys were beginning to look rather menacing, as if this was my fault. Luckily, the fault cleared and cards previously being rejected were now accepted. Sheepish looks all around. Hollered at Citibank, who promised to send a note to all vendors explaining what the various messages mean.

Otherwise, it has been a slow day. Some TV, some music.