Today was the day I was waiting for – major 2 hour “Come Together: A Night for John Lennon’s Words & Music” on Star World. Started at 6:30pm – great stuff.

Then the channel went blank.

No, this time it as not Star TV playing extortion tricks – all other Star Channels were showing. It looked like the decoder for Star World at Siticable just died. We saw them trying all sorts of combinations fo getting it back to life, but no go. So instead of doing the sane thing (yank the decoder from another less popular channel), they just switched it off.


Luckily, sense prevailed, and about 2 hours later, the channel came back, allowing us to see the rerun of the concert at 10pm, but my oft-repeated prayer for “Direct To the Home” TV service to bypass these extortionist cable operators rang out once more.

Great concert, though.

Sean Lennon touched a chord there right at the end, dedicating the song to his mother, and then playing “Julia” – the song John wrote in memory of his mother. Nice touch, Sean. And you look uncannily like your dad – especially when you smile.

Hmmm, Anjali lost her expensive lunchbox for the n’th time (along with a collection of sweaters and other things over time). Not good. To top it, expensive shoes weren’t put out of the way either, resulting in dog chewing up one of them.

Is there any place where one buy a sense of responsibility by the kilo?

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

–”Imagine”, John Lennon