Dassera and Monopoly Deathmatch

Yesterday was Dassera. We had a nice pooja at office, with Shanu acting as official poojari. I got some nice photos of that – shall upload soon.

Afternoon decided to crash out for a while, then got up to find the entire gang at my dining table playing Monopoly. Watched for a while, then took over Shubha’s position, and proceeded to decimate these losers ;-)

By the time I was through with them, I owned more money than the bank, all prime property, and sat in jail most of the time while Shanu, Sony and Khader committed financial harakiri (Anjali got hit thrice with $900 rentals before she caved in and merged assets with me).

By the end of it, I also understood Bill Gates a bit better – now I know why everyone appears to hate him – nobody loves a monopolistic, money-grubbing, property-grabbing, ruthless winner. ;-)

Now that was fun!

Today (Tuesday) the office is closed, so I will spend some time preparing for the seminar, then maybe jam a bit this afternoon.

BTW – over the past few days, I have been re-honing my Beatles skills. Since their music was always very uncomplicated (drums, three guitars, singing), my drum machine, guitar and me don’t sound too bad. Would have been nice to have a few more people joining in, but what to do, they are like this only. ;-)

Phone just rang – Gaurav@Phenom says he is dropping in this afternoon for a jam. Mrinal is still holidaying with his family, so we will miss him.

More later!