Anybody home?

Woah! It’s been a while since I updated my diary, isn’t it?

Well, I did warn everyone that I would be busy – as you can see on the left, I have seminars, workshops and national events coming up, and all this in addition to the raging battles on the work front.

One month to go for Linux Bangalore/2002, and the workload is rising. I have been busy kicking butt, updating the website and generally doing all the things I thought I wouldn’t have to do this year.

It’s been almost a year since I have taken any time off for a holiday (alone or with family), basically for financial or scheduling reasons. And *God* I need a holiday now. I feel as burnt out as a 10 minute toast. But nothing seems to be on the horizon.

The last almost-trip got scratched because of an annual project that looked like it was coming through, but then didn’t for petty reasons. And to think that I sacrificed what looks like the only chance at a holiday this year for this! (Don’t write to me asking what this was all about – you’ll know next month when something *doesn’t* appear).

On the personal front, life has been completely uneventful. A friend of mine referred to this state as “the social menopause in one’s life”. I almost killed him, but he *is* right in a way.

The last BLUG Meet was a slightly subdued affair, being extremely technical. But it was great fun meeting up with all the trie techheads of the BLUG and argue out pros and cons of distros, display cards, hard disks, network performance, etc. Food was great as usual.

Today is Sunday, and since it was time for Siticable to pay their dues to Star TV last week, they prontly cut off all Star Channels again as “protest”. This is common tactic they use to avoid having to pay anything at all. Of course subscribers like us suffer.

Bottom line – no X-Files or StarTrek:TNG for me today.