Ramble mode = ON

Just spent the day at home, jamming, reading, listening, writing, debugging, creating….

Hey, I am bored!

Everyone is busy with something or the other, or someone or the other (or a combination of both). And I sit here, gloomy, staring at the ceiling.

Well, actually, I also read some 40-50 Batman and Superman comics – result of a raid on Shanu‘s precious stocks. He and Sony are in Cochin for the long weekend. Khader has the other half of the comic stack. We need to meet.

You know that feeling that you get sometimes, about having to be somewhere, and not knowing where? The feeling of having to do something, but not knowing what?

(Judo! You may *not* chew my Nikes!)

This weekend I am in Trivandrum for a couple of days, talking about Opensource software. This could be interesting – since the audience is largely Government. Around the *same* time, Bill Gates will be in Bangalore. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that…

…preparations for Linux Bangalore/2002 are going on – sometimes a lot happens, sometimes everything stands still. Within the next week or so, we should have news about sponsorship, after which all hell will break lose. Everyone is going to realise how much there is still to be done, and everyone will do their best “headless chicken” running around act.

No rest for the weary.

(Judo! Bring my shoes back!)

The nice thing for the week was getting in touch with old friends again. It’s been so long that we go about introducing ourselves all over again. Time flies.

Ah, and it is Diwali. Festival of light (if it doesn’t rain, because then the power goes out), festival of joy (did *you* submit your IT returns?), festival of giving (I already gave baksheesh to the other postman) and festival of *BOOM*CRASH*RATATATATATATA*PHEWWWWW*CRASH*BOOM! ^%$%$#%#@!!!! crackers.

(Judo, make some room there under the bed – the cats are coming in!)

Tomorrow (sunday) we head out to a birthday+diwali party at friend Kedar’s place – that promises to be fun – and lots of food!

I am rambling. I think I need to go to bed.