Someone to watch over me

Oh boy!

This evening, I was searching for some stuff on homestudio recording, when Google spat up a *very* familiar name – DC, aka Dharmendra Chakrasali, aka Hari@CiX, aka Vulcan Haze.

DC was the guy who taught me (years ago) the basics of using software like Cakewalk, which resulted in my article “Rock with your PC” almost half a decade ago. DC was known as “Hari” on my BBS for strange and obscure reasons best known to himself. ;)

Well, DC, has written some introductory articles himself (I wonder where he got the inspiration from? ;) , and these are to budding homestudio owners what my own COMversations were to people getting online – solid, practical stuff, written with an attitude that’s all DC. ;-) (PG13 warning!)

If you are trying to get going with homerecording, check this out!

It’s kinda eery – when I need a helping hand, it comes dashing out of my past. Whether it is Mrinal, DC/Hari or Rags – these are all guys whom I met like a *very* long time ago, and they are suddenly there in my present. Scary thought – someone is watching over me!

It is Diwali, so a Happy Diwali to you and yours!