Eye for an Eye

Eye infection still keeps me occupied painfully. Yesterday I went to office, which appears to have been a mistake, since I woke up this morning with my right eye swollen shut.

As Gopi pointed out, with me being one-eyed, and a mate named Shubha, one wonders how long it will be before people make an LTTE connection….

Finally got a mini-LAN into place at home. The battle for machines was getting a bit too much, so brought home a hub that allows me to connect my notebook to Anjali’s XP machine. XP can now route and share Internet connections, so we are sort of content for the moment.

The week has been boring as such. The highlight was the incredible number of pageviews that my Roger Waters show review was experiencing from all over the world, easily becoming the most visited page on my site (and that means a lot, given the already high traffic I get). Much of it is because of a link from the official tour website that was placed under latest news. Also a lot of traffic coming in from GigPad. And now someone from the Rave Magazine seems to think I should be writing for them.


Kittens are growing fast, and soon it will be time to find homes for them. Still don’t have any decent photos of them, largely due to laziness (not entirely on my side!). Should happen soon. In the meanwhile – if anyone is looking for an extremely healthy and active female kitten in Bangalore, let me know.

Zero music. Mrinal appears to be busy with college and Cryptic work, and in any case, he is moving to the moon soon. Also, my echo/reverb unit is again buzzing like a demented bumblebee everytime I plug a guitar in, so no fun. The problem is – my last two attempts of locating a reasonable echo/reverb unit in Bangalore met with total failure. You can get any number of distortion and multi-fx pedals, but a simple echo/reverb? Bah!

Friends at LiveJournal seem to have given up. I guess people are now slowly beginning to understand the difference between a journal and a mailing list. ;-) I continue to be glad about my decision *not* to have a comments/discussion area on my site – I don’t want my diary to look like a Linux India or FSF-India mailing list! ;-)

Speaking of Linux India – friend Thaths got himself coverage in Linux Journal, courtesy Fred Noronha. Good for him – he was really a hard working guy in the early days of Linux India.

However, I take *serious* issue with his statement “My one single lost opportunity would be not registering LI as an official nationwide non-profit organization. I think for a brief moment during LI’s existence, there was a window of opportunity for the creation of a nation-wide body.” It completely glosses over the real facts of the case – that the attempt failed because no one (apart from a few core people) supported it. I didn’t support it either (in fact carry most of the blame for scuttling it), largely because I was totally against the Linux community being turned into (and being used as) a political body. Heck, even the mailing list that was supposed to discuss the registration process and form the charter was *secret*, with the community not allowed to see what was being planned *or* participate in the process!

I recently met Thaths when he dropped in at Linux Bangalore/2001 (in fact the photo in the article seems to be from there), and he certainly does not seem to carry a grudge about this, and remains as likable as ever. Pity that he lives in the US – he would have been able to achieve so much for the community, had he been in India.

Speaking about the “community” – I have a few thoughts on that. I guess I should document them at some point.

But not today.