Perfect Strangeness

Exciting. I manage to update the diary only once a week these days! Bad!

The eye infection went away rapidly after we figured out it was really a small boil – when treated, it quickly went away. Hurray for antibiotics!

Had the April meet of the Bangalore Linux User Group today. After a long time, we were back in the Ashraya. Excellent food (Channa-Bhatura, piping hot!).

I gave a little presentation on using Windows programs under Linux. Didn’t go too well – halfway through the talk, MS Office decided to barf on me. Don’t think I made too good an impression. :-(

Watched the penultimate “solo” episode of Startrek Voyager. One more tomorrow, then the two-part Endgame, and that’s it.

But there is hope. I just sneaked a peak at Hallmark’s site, and found out that they are wrapping around to Episode 1 on Tuesday. This is good for me, because thanks to a completely braindead cable operator, I missed the first two seasons. Now I get to see them, and also catch those episodes I had missed inbetween. Hurray!

Kittens are growing – sizewise and closer. Not good. Sharada (our woman Friday – and Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) has offered to take them both. Going to be a heartbreak for both my women and our cat, though I am sure Judo will be happy to be the center of attention again.

Speaking of Judo – he turned one year old on the 18th. So he is officially no longer a puppy, though he sure behaves like one.

Yesterday, I went with Mrinal to his college to watch Phenom practice. Nice band, very tight, but their equipment really lets them down. Imagine being forced to share one small 40 watt amp between the lead and rhythm guitar *and* the keyboard! And *no* mixer! No working mikes! No earth on the power sockets! Heck – my basement is better equipped than that!

Sadly, Mrinal moves out of the neighbourhood tomorrow to his new home near the college. That’s all the way across town – way too far to expect him to drop in on impulse, so I guess I am out of a musical sparring partner. :’(

If you are musically inclined, like my kind of music, live in or around my area and like jamming on Sundays and holidays, preparing for nothing in particular except having some fun, let me know.

On a lighter note – ads have started appearing in the papers for the Deep Purple concert in Mumbai and Goa. The ads confirmed that DNA really needs to have their heads examined.

After the fiasco of the Roger Waters show where they ripped off thousands of 1500 and 900 buck ticket holders (they could not hear or see a thing for the most part), they advertise the show with a contest asking which band Jon Lord belongs to, giving a choice of three bands, with DP being one of them. The photos in the ad and also on the site show JL at the keyboards.

The hilarious part is – JL left Deep Purple a while ago and will not be part of the tour! He has been replaced by Don Airey.

And of course none of the DNA advertising lets you know this. What a rip-off!

I am glad that I caught the tour last year. Though it was the worst organised show I had ever attended, I did get to see JL perform magic. That long classical prelude to “Perfect Strangers” was sheer genius, performed by one.

I feel so old.