Offline Agony


Saturday, both the phone lines at home died. So no connectivity *at all* over the weekend! Life is cruel!

Yesterday, watched part 1 of “Endgame” – the conclusion of the Startrek Voyager series. Having read the episode story before, I frankly expected a bit more – this was one case of the post-episode writeup being better than the actual episode! IAC, hopefully, things will pick up today.

It is amazing how many people took the trouble of SMSing me just as the episode was starting, to make sure that I didn’t miss it. From what I can see, I got SMSs from Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. Thanks guys! :-)

Did some ‘accounting” and figured out that there are some 90+ Voyager episodes I haven’t seen (thanks to a moron for a cable operator), but only 20 or so are 7of9 episodes. :-( Actually, the first Voyager episode I got to see (when our cable operator finally saw the light) was the one where 7 joins Voyager!

Reports from Delhi are that a certain hopeless Voyager addict is already writhing with withdrawal symptoms. He has been scouring the net for substitutes, and has been coming up with some interesting links. Unfortunately, my daughter reads this diary of mine, and therefore I cannot post those links here. :-)

Speaking of diary – Anjali and I had an argument about whether this is a diary or a journal. The dictionary defines a diary as “a daily record, especially a personal record of events, experiences, and observations; a journal”, so my calling this a diary is correct English. I also prefer this to distinguish it from what some people think of when they say “journal”.

I also spent some time in the basement yesterday, catching up on some music practice by myself. There are times when I sound bad, and there are times when I sound good. After sweating off almost a kilo (or so it felt) practicing difficult chord changes and vocal gymnastics, I can honestly say that yesterday, I sounded good. *Very* good. I was very pleased with myself.

But I need to do something about my echo/reverb. It cannot be used with a guitar anymore because it goes into buzz mode. And I like it when my guitar(s) have a bit of echo/reverb to them. Voice is not an issue – ol’ Junko works great for singing.

Update: Friend PKR, currently in the Dallas, USA, is trying to rectify the above issue for me. Am holding breath! ;-)