Full Bore

Well, today was supposed to be “No Power Day” in our area. Appears that our part of Sanjaynagar does not get considered as “sanjaynagar” when it comes to the Electricity Board – we had power all day, apart from a few minor outages lasting a minute or two.

Not that this raised my productivity in any way – it was a most boring day. Boring enough for me to sit down and watch “Men in Black II” – which was pathetic.

Mrinal forgot that he had said that he would be coming by in the morning so that I could help him fix his guitar, so the morning crept by with positively nothing happening.

Sat down and practiced a few numbers on my acoustic guitars – my amp, mixer and assorted jam gear is still in a state of disrepair.

“Wish You Were Here” now sounds really good when I play it, but “Hollow Years” is killing me.

Crashed out in the afternoon and slept for a while before heading back to my PC to do some work. Found that our VPN was down, so couldn’t get into the office machines, so ended up *not* doing any work.

Shanu and Sony dropped in, carrying a load of Marvel and DC comic books. Almost dived into those, but somehow it didn’t feel the same. They were too small, too jazzy and didn’t smell like the pulp comics of yesteryear.

Finally was so bored that I decided to re-arrange the living room. It didn’t make me any less bored, but it was fun watching the dog and the cat trying to figure out where the furniture went.

Judo has this habit of sitting behind the sofa with his snout resting on the backrest, observing the happenings in the household. Well, he can’t do that any more.

And Honey likes to sleep in the cane chair by the garden door – only there is no cane chair by the garden door anymore. ;-)

Do I sound bored?