Mondays and Notebooks always get me down

Yesterday was a typical Monday. You know what I mean? The kind that make you wish it was Saturday? Less said the better.

Evening saw me sitting down to do some writing work, only to have my geriatric IBM Thinkpad 770 play dodo on me. Those of you who know me probably know this machine as well – probably the best know Linux notebook in the country. 4 years old and going strong – until it finally decides to pack up on me just before Linux Bangalore/2001.

A new machine is on order (another IBM – this time a Thinkpad T23), but that won’t be delivered till end of this month. And it is pre-loaded with Windows XP, because IBM refuses to let me order the Linux pre-installed model in India! :-(

In the meantime, I am stuck with the old 770. Every now and then, it dies on me, and I have to do “digital CPR” (or “eCPR” ;) on it by pressing both palms on the keyboard in rhythmic motions until it comes back to life….

Plans afoot to go on a trip out of Bangalore over the coming long weekend. Wanted to go to Coorg, but no accomodation available. Now checking other places….

Update 4:48PM Bah! Flame war on the LB-tech list. I wonder when it will be that one can participate on a Linux mailing list without someone hauling out his ego-charged flame-thrower? Probably not in the near future.