Never Give up….

If yesterday was a lazy Saturday, today was a lazy Sunday.

First of all I slept in very late. Somewhere during that time, the maid came in, fed dog and cat, cleaned house, made breakfast for me, and disappeared.


Did a lot of email, watched some TV, then snuck into the basement and switched on every piece of music equipment I had ;-)

Ahhhh, I love singing. Since I am still in a Pink Floyd state of mind, I ripped through bunches of their songs. “On the turning away”, “Coming back to life”, “Wish you were here”, “The thin ice”, “Learning to fly”, “Money”….

Found a “magic setting” on my old analog echo/reverb unit which made it much easier to control from the mixer, while also reducing the noise being injected. Actually dead simple – just turn up all settings to full, the attenuate using the mixer’s effect send/receive. Much more control, and much deeper effect when needed. If you listen to “On the turning away” and “Coming back to life”, you will realise that there is no such thing as too much echo ;-)

I still can’t record what I am doing – the deck I thought was still functional has major issues with speed variations.

And in any case – recording analog sucks in this day and age. I really need to get hard disk recording going. But that needs Anjali’s machine in the basement (my old notebook won’t cut it) and a new sound card.

Evening brought the Exocore gang into the house to watch “Galaxy Quest”. Man, I love a good ripoff, and this one was a classic – StarTrek fans will never be the same. Brilliant!

Traded insults with Vinod over SMS during commercials – he is never going to learn who is the master! ;-)

Dinner was Chinese order-in. Major bungling during the shipping of the order resulted in meal that felt strangely like Windows – looked good, but slightly unstable. ;-) No sauce with the Wontons – almost as bad as 22 KHz MP3 recording!

Crashed early, since family was coming back in the morning, and I just know they are going to haul me out at some ungodly hour.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender! Full Speed Ahead!
– Commander Peter Quincy Taggart in Galaxy Quest