Time Pieces

Didn’t I tell you guys that the family would (try to) drag me out of bed at an ungodly hour?


Fabmart finally delivered a CD I had ordered a long time ago – Eric Clapton’s Time Pieces. I have had this album as a cassette for ages, and the tape was wearing kinda thin. So I tried (so far unsuccessfully, until now) to order a replacement, this time as a CD. For some reason, FabMart’s supply chain hates me – it took three attempts to order it before I finally got it!


Gopi and I started work today on The Secret Project. I could tell you what it is, but then I would have to kill you. ;-)

9 days left before I tumble over the middle-age barrier. I wonder what it will feel like.

Trivia: Did you know that my birthday this year is a perfect palindrome? 20th February 2002 is written as “20/02/2002″, or “20022002″, in most parts of the world, except in that land of non-standards (the USA), where it would be written as “02202002″.

Not much more for today. It has been a regular Monday. Exciting part of the day consisted of eating bun-omelette at the IISc canteen and some more solo-jamming in the basement.

Time is gettin’ shorter
And there’s much for you to do,
Only ask and you will get what you are needin’
The rest is up to you
Plant your love and let it grow

–”Let it grow”, Eric Clapton