Space – the final frontier

Out of office experience these past two days.

Quick update – as expected, Fabmart delivered the CD I ordered without any issues – the same CD that Planet M said it couldn’t source (of course only *after* I complained 2 weeks later). Q.E.D.

Interesting thing happened a couple of days ago. I woke up really late. Curious to know what time I went to bed the night before, I booted up the home machine and checked the logs. Showed activity at around 4:30am. So what had I been doing all that time?

Well for one, I apparently destroyed my Mandrake Linux 8.1 installation and installed RedHat Linux 7.2 in its place. I apparently did not make any backups, though this isn’t critical, since all data is backed onto the office servers ASAP anyway.

IAC – it appears that the saying “I can install Linux in my sleep” bears some merit ;-)

Short article on Mrinal’s alternate group Cryptic in the Bangalore Times today. No photo, and the article isn’t online either. Basically a straight (and rather dry) description of the band and its plans. Will provide a link when I find one.

Updatehere it is.

Finally succumbed and bought a new hard disk for Anjali’s machine – we were spending more time fighting diskspace problems than getting any work done! The new 40 GB disk should fix that issue.

Of course, it now means a lot of reinstallation, but it should be worth the while.

Brother-in-Law Abhijeet Rane finally succumbed to the lure of the lyre – he bought a guitar! It took him just 18 years to make up his mind ;-)

Thankfully, he has the basic traits (a sense of tune, a sense of beat and paitience) that any budding guitarist needs, so I look forward to jamming with him in the hear future. Pity that he lives in Seattle instead of Bangalore.

He asked me for some hints to get started, and I pointed him at – definitely a great place to get all sorts of information and instructional material from.