General Ramble

Went to office this afternoon for the first time since Monday. Meetings with house finance guys, auditors and clients. Groan!

Old Thinkpad went off for repairs today. Let’s see how these guys (TVA Help.COM) handle the job. They got back to me in the evening with a diagnosis that told me that they were on the right track – now to see if they can fix it. More news forthcoming on Saturday.

While reinstalling the machine at home, found an old wallpaper link that fans of Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager) might like.

While on the subject of reinstalling – everytime I reinstall Windows (necessity, since Anjali’s games require that), I wonder how these jokers ever sat down to design an operating system that doesn’t have a concept of separate partitions for data and programs (note – “My Documents” is a pathetic excuse). I mean, this is almost *criminal*! Worse – applications store data where they are installed! (Shudder!)

Speaking of Windows reminds me of Vinod Unny in Delhi ;-) Since we are both Star Trek fans, we watch the same TV programs every day, which results in us getting into deep SMS-based discussions – knowing that the other guy is watching exactly the same thing as you are. Comes in pretty handy at times.

Yesterday we got into an argument – he insisted that yesterday’s episode of Voyager had been shown before. Since the episode guide pretty accurately described yesterday’s episode, I doubted that – until Vinod started telling me accurate details about the next scene – before it happened. OK, so he had seen the episode before, but where?

Honey The Cat (who is currently tagged the “pretty witty city titty kitty” thanks to her … ummm … rather prominent nursing mechanism) comes and goes like a clockwork – except last night, when she showed up at 2 am, wanting to play! Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!! Like it isn’t bad enough that Hairy Mutter (aka Judo the Dog) insists on long distance communication with the dogs in the next neighbourhood – in the middle of the night….

Haven’t been playing any music for several days now. I have this horrible itch to fill a blank spot in my guitar collection – I do not have a functional nylon string guitar. This is bad – I love plucked playing, and plucked steel string isn’t quite the same. Besides, it is far more fun on a nylon string guitar. I guess it is time to start saving up again.

Saving reminds me – 23 days to Roger Waters’ “In The Flesh” Tour Concert here in Bangalore. The publicity is already going on strong – full page ads, radio spots. Apparently there will be no opening band, and the show will be for THREE HOURS (with only a 20 minutes break). I have *never* heard of a rock concert that lasts three hours – this is *bound* to be good stuff.

Ah – there goes my “15 minutes to Voyager” alert on the Palm Vx – time to wind up this ramble. ;-)