Sunday Marmalade

Ah, Sunday. God created this day to soften the blow of Monday.

The morning passed peacefully, as Sunday mornings should. Then synced up with Gopi and Avinash at the Windsor Manor, where we had excellent iced tea and I had a Chicken Tikka on a bun. Don’t ask me what that is – go there and order one yourself. Good stuff.

Afternoon turned out great – before I could bug Mrinal about a jam session, *he* beeped me and asked! Not only that, he brought Gaurav (from Phenom) along as well! Weee!

We settled down to some serious jamming, very fruitful stuff (hence my decision to call it marmalade, not jam ;) , and in the next four hours covered great stuff. The Eagles, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, CCR, Pink Floyd (of course!), and lots, lots more! We had a *ball*! Four hours later, I was covered with sweat, my throat was sore, my fingers cramped, complete with a major silly grin of satisfaction on my face. We simply *got* to do this again! Here are some photos.

Note to myself – I need more and longer cables, and more mikes, and a *working* way to record these sessions.

The *bad* news was that Mrinal is moving out of the neighbourhood at an accelerated pace – end of this month! Argh!

Amazing program on National Geographic – one I have been looking forward to – The Search for the Afghan Girl. Totally rivetting. Those eyes…..

Star TV goofed during a promo for this evening’s X-Files episode, announcing “a totally new episode”. Wasn’t, but it gives rise to hope that Star will begin the next season of The X-Files fairly soon.

Tomorrow Anjali starts her first ever exams – let’s all hope for the best.