Well, it is almost Saturday. And as we all know, Saturday is the day to party.

Anjali has handed me the (what I presume to be) final guest list, which is substantially longer than we had expected. It includes a bunch of (very) recent foreign returnees, a high power rock group (God save the neighbourhood!), an astonishing assortment of “grown ups”, and a very select bunch of close school friends. Hmmm….

Gaurav was here a while back to case the joint (again – people are still replacing the glasspanes that shattered during his last party here). Turns out that I haven’t thought of everything, which means more cables, lights, speakers, amps, mikes, mike stands, drum platforms and stuff.

Did I mention “God save the neighbourhood”?

Saturday also happens to be Gaurav’s 21st, so I hope he remembers to wear thick jeans and stuff pillows in sensitive places….

Food and drink have been ordered – we have ordered way too much as usual, so a few people will have to starve at the party. (Think that is a paradox? Think of it as a hard disk – the bigger it is, the faster it fills).

We have spent the past week looking anxiously at the sky. Even now, it is overcast, but the weather forecast seems to indicate no rain for Saturday evening. Nevertheless Plan B is in place – just in case. IAC, we are keeping fingers (and other extremities) crossed.

For those guests who cannot stay away from the net for too long – the place is entirely WiFi’d, so check in your MAC address when you arrive if you are carrying a notebook ;-)

I loooooove parties!