It had to rain, didn’t it?

And so it came to pass that the hordes of Bangalore partied till deep into the night….

Saturday was a day of great happenings, and much change, and the conviction that we really should have had a plan C.

By afternoon, Mrinal and Sashi turned up with Phenom’s equipment, only to find that they had forgotten the snare drum. So they went off to borrow one from Cryptic’s drummer Durga (who refused my earnest plea to join the party – bah!).

In the meanwhile, we were busy setting up the equipment in the newly cleared stage area in our garden. Got everything wired up, tested it out – sounded great.

And then it started raining.

Time for Plan B.

We quickly disassembled everything and moved the show into the basement. 30 minutes later, everything was assembled there, and we moved into soundcheck mode. I am not very good at this, but at the end of another 30 minutes, I had everything more or less nicely balanced, and Gaurav did “December”, which sounded near perfect. Most everyone was crowded into the basement by now, while the rain beat down outside.

And then the electricity went out, not to return.

There was no Plan C.

By now, the house was overflowing with more than 40 guests, the food had arrived, and chaos was in full swing.

The rain had stopped by now, which was no good to us, for without electricity no instruments could be used.

So everyone launched into the food. Chicken kababs were a major hit, and disappeared at high speed.

Quickly, several groups formed – Anjali’s classmates, Shubha’s friends, the PESIT gang, etc. I was going nuts.

Finally grabbed my guitar, sat in the frontyard, and sang a few songs. That inspired Gaurav enough to sing some himself. In the meanwhile, Sashi, Noella and Mrinal were in the basement, doing vocal harmonies – and I missed all that. Bleh!

Anjali had the time of her life (or so it seemed) – tons of goodlooking hunks all around. And then there was Ashwin ;-)

In most parties that I have been to that involved Ashwin, he usually proceeds to decimate everyone with his wit – except that this time, something seemed to have gone wrong, and most everyone ganged up on him, resulting in some serious “Get Shorty” action! ;-)

Good fun!

By midnight, most people had disappeared, and a few of us were still around when the electricity finally came back – which resulted in yet another round of action.

Ashwin finally realised that Kishore was more than a match for him (and then there were my 115 KG to deal with, too.

We finally wound up around 1:30am. This party definitely hadn’t gone according to plan, but it was fun nevertheless. We’ll have to have a make-up jam session at some time, but Anjali most definitely had a 13th Birthday party worth remembering, which is of course what this was all about.

Some pictures here.