LB/2003: Day 2

Day 2 of Linux Bangalore/2003 was more or less like day 1 – with a few differences.

One – I missed the morning half, thanks to ongoing illness. I can’t believe this – I work all year round for this event, and then go and miss half a day!

Luckily, no one missed me – the team took care of everything as usual.

Dragged myself out of bed by afternoon and headed to the event, only to find that one speaker had walked off for some reason. I turned around, saw Kalyan standing there (who had decided not to speak at the event), drafted him on the spot and he went and gave a talk which went off rather well.

Apart from that minor hiccup, things went smoothly. 35 talks scheduled, and 35 talks happened. We are still on our way to an Open Source event world record :)

More accounts to be found here, here, here, and in many other places.

We also got Slashdotted for a while when a top-level post about the conference shot huge traffic to the LB/2003 site. Hurray for Exocore maintained servers – it didn’t even flinch.

The night saw a mind-bending performance by Layatharanga, a local fusion music group. It was time that the hard-coding ruffians of the Open Source world got some culture, and they sure got it! :) It was amazing!

Tomorrow is the last day, and ends with a performance by Phenom. Let’s keep all fingers crossed that things go smooth!

Stay tuned!