Shanu’s Birthday Party

Saturday, the 13th, was double party time – once at office, and once at home.

The office occasion was a thank you party for the hard-working volunteers of Linux Bangalore/2003. Instead of a quick pat on the back during the closing ceremony, we felt that a pat on the tummy was equally warranted.

And so LB/2003 manager Prady contacted them all, and we (the managers and volunteers of LB/2003) assembled at Exocore’s offices, where we had a “Golf Course Pizza Party” (the area between the cubicles at Exocore is a wide swath of dense blue-gray carpet that we call the “Golf Course”). We ordered stacks of pizza from Dominos (who were only too glad to deliver outside their approved delivery area for such a huge order), Coke and Mountain Dew, and proceded to beat the volunteers into near-senselessness with food :) A good time was had by all, and somewhere along the way it turned into a massive CD burning party as well! Also in attendance was semi-starved Phenom band-member Mrinal, who, despite his lithe frame, put away an enormous amount of pizza!

Towards the end of the party, people discovered that it was also Shanu‘s birthday, which resulted in a cake appearing (and disappearing).

Many many thanks to all the volunteers, without whom the event wouldn’t have been possible!

Lots of photos here.

The second party used Shanu’s birthday as an excuse for a get-together by friends who really cared for each other, and instead of partying in a restaurant, we decided to give my lawn at home another workout.

The result was stacks of fabulous food from Catering Inn (the mutton curry was sheer heaven!), lots of inflammable liquids and Catering Inn’s patented Chocolate Mousse.

A late appearance by Mrinal (who just finished a gig with the Galeej Gurus) resulted in photographic evidence that he *can* dance! :) Of course, he was helped along by band-mates JD and Noella :)

Lots of gorgeous looking ladies all around, and I saw lots of guys sucking in their tummies (including me :) . One particular tall and goodlooking hunk was seen desperately trying to keep his sucked in, but every now and then, it slipped and showed. Luckily, he had his gorgeous lady around to divert attention. Ungrateful wretch that he was, he used the diversion to pile more mousse on his plate! :)

To put it bluntly – we had an absolute ball, with a lot of eating, joking, laughing, dancing and drinking happening into the wee hours of the night. Shanu got drunk as a skunk – and happy as a pig. Sony (who was responsible for planning and executing everything) and Jessie (who handled logistics like a champ – as usual) deserve a huge pat on the back for making it a party worth remembering. This party really showed what friends are really about.

Lots of photos here.

UPDATE: Lots more pictures added to the URL above – thanks, Kalyan!