FOSS.IN Posters (and more)

Someone pointed out that everyone is writing about the FOSS.IN posters in their blogs and journals – except me. :P

Well, every year, Team FOSS.IN brings out some promotional posters for the event. This year, we decided to focus on people and a message – the message being that one should contribute to FOSS. And as subjects we chose several Indian FOSS contributors.

Have a look (you can click on the small images to see them full size and download them)

gopal kart karunakar naba
pradeepto shres suparna tejas

All these posters were created by our Graphic Superman – Harikrishnan C.

If you are in Bangalore and would like some of these in printed form to hang on your company or college noticeboard, get on the FOSS.IN mailing list and let us know. And quickly – we have limited stocks, and they are going FAST!

Things didn’t end there. The “People Poster” idea caught on, and here are some created by the KDE project! Fantastic stuff! The right spirit :)

And as Sankarshan said – if you want to be on next year’s posters, make sure you start contributing to FOSS!