Surreal, but wow!

Of all the Live Earth performances yesterday, this must have been the most surreal one:

Madonna, in what can only be termed a 1940s style of dress, with an expensive Les Paul guitar round her neck, rocking the planet.

One could say this was a stunt (and it was), but I bow to the Queen of Reinvention – that was an unbelievable performance! Even seeing this in a crappy Youtube display doesn’t take away the the unbelievable energy and magnetism that this woman (who is older than me!) exudes! I have seen much younger rockers appear like stone statues on stage compared to her. :)

Madonna at Live Earth

Update: Youtube pulled the above video with this message:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Microsoft Network

This is probably true, but at the time when I wrote this blog entry, it was not possible to link to the MSN-provided video for this particular song – only a high-bandwidth stream of the complete concert.

If you still want to see this video, just google for it.