Want to work on exciting stuff?

If you remember, back in May I had asked all of you to go vote for Mundu Radio. Well, this is kinda late news, but hey – Mundu Radio won! The competition was awesome, and to be placed among winners such as Google and Yahoo is mind-boggling!

When we created Mundu Radio last year, I didn’t quite realise just how ready the market was for something like this, but clearly it was. We have had so many downloads and so many users, it’s scaring me! Not that they aren’t happy with the product, but because the expectations are so high when it comes to the next version.

We have been busy as beavers defining the new product, identifying additional platforms, etc. And now we need people to work with me on this product (and related ones, which I can’t talk about yet).

So if you are keen to work on mobile applications, as addressed by this article of mine, and if you have some experience in C/C++/J2ME development on Linux, Symbian, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and MacOSX, and if you want to work in an environment that is open and colourful as this (our new, HUGE office on Outer Ring Road in Bangalore, that FINALLY serves fantastic, freshly ground and roasted coffee!!), then you should consider contacting me. You can also write to me at my firstname.lastname, a user in the domain of geodesic.com (damn these spammers that make me go through contortions like this!)

Update: You can also contact me through LinkedIN if you are a member there.

If you want to know more about the company, don’t hesitate to check it out, especially the results – we are doing great! :)

We are looking for people who consider software development to be a creative and expressive art form, not just a job. We are working on technologies that people will be using in the (near) future, and that needs not just development skills but an active imagination.

In fact, read this article, download the current application and in your application, tell us how you would make this a better application, or what other mobile applications you think the future could see.

I look forward to working with you!