New Year Report 2008

And so another year has passed us by, and it is now 2008.

A few friends wrote in, asking why I am not doing what everyone else does – make predictions, resolutions, etc.

I’d rather take my time on that, so for now, my one prediction for 2008 is that all predictions will turn out wrong.

And my one resolution is 1024×768.


My eyes are much better – thank you for asking. I am still very weak, but now that the medicines are being tapered off, things are improving.

Last Saturday, the Team FOSS.IN members physically in India met up in Bangalore to finish off various things related to FOSS.IN/2007. This meeting should have taken place just after the event, but because of my illness, had to be postponed to January. During the 5 hour meeting, we did a fairly detailed post-mortem of the event, identified things we could have done better, discussed ideas for FOSS.IN/2008, time-lines, policies, etc.

Couple of things I am participating in this month:

PROTO.IN – January 18-19 in Chennai. *The* event for Indian startups, and an event I *never* miss. You get to see and hear some amazing new stuff there. The place crawls with VCs, but the real fun is meeting (and mentoring) some of the startup companies who present at the event, brainstorming with them about ideas they have, etc. And revel in the fact that so many of them rely heavily on Free and Open Source Software for their projects. Like I always say – FOSS is the real Startup Enabler.

IIT Bombay’s Techfest – January 25-27 in Mumbai. I have been invited to be part of a panel discussion on the 26th. This is going to be fun, especially given who my fellow panelists are. :) And bonus – I get to participate in the Barcamp on the 27th.

This evening, I am off to Mumbai for the week, for work related stuff. First trip in months – I hope I survive this.