This evening, I fly off to Chennai, to attend PROTO.IN – an event I always look forward to.

This time, I find myself in the unexpected situation of giving the opening talk – “India a Technology Leader – Possible?”. While it seemed like a dry topic to me when I first looked at it, I found some interesting stuff while thinking about it – and I hope the audience thinks the same.

Like I said a couple of days ago – this is an event where you not only get to hear and see a lot of new and amazing stuff, you get to interact with interesting people, actually become part of the process that will create some of the startup hits of the future, etc.

If you have registered online, make sure you don’t miss this chance (if you didn’t – sorry, the event is all sold out) – you never know, next time it could be you, presenting *your* startup. Best to learn NOW how it’s done.

See you in Chennai!