Wind of Change – Part III

As several of you have noticed, I have been fairly quiet (some say – invisible) over the past month. So I think an update on life is in order, before the rumour-mongers have a field day, and the price of tinfoil hats shoots up with the demand. :)

I have been at home most of October, essentially de-stressing and getting some much-needed rest. It has been a tremendously hectic year, both at work and at home.

And as all of you know, in my case, too much stress leads to bad things. With FOSS.IN/2008 coming up November 25-29, it was important that I try and avoid a repeat of last year’s health problems.

So I have been mostly working from home. I emerged a few times, including once when I decided to go out and buy a new acoustic guitar (a Cort Earth Grand), and a couple of times to sample a new restaurant in my neighbourhood (Hunan, on New BEL Road – highly recommended).

And next week (Nov 5-9), I am taking my first family vacation in years – I am going to Goa with the brood.

But as some oldtimer readers here know, the title of this post is one I have used in the past for my own career-related posts. And this one is no different.

As you know, I have been working as Senior Vice President at Geodesic Ltd. (formerly known as Geodesic Information Systems Ltd.) since 2006, where I have been working on mobile products, among other things.

That ended this week.

Say “Hello” to the new Chief Products Officer of Geodesic Ltd. :)

My new job description reads “Responsible for Geodesic’s overall retail and enterprise products vision, design and management, working with all operational areas within the company to ensure that Geodesic’s products continue to meet and exceed customer and industry expectations in quality, usability and innovation.”

As most of you know, I am very passionate about technology – especially mobile computing and Free and Open Source Software. my previous position at Geodesic allowed me to address both, working on the Mundu range of products, but my new position greatly expands my scope, extending into both retail products, as well as the enterprise.

This is going to be a HUGE challenge, but I welcome challenges. They allow me to set targets as I go about changing the world. :)

But clearly, this is a task I cannot succeed in without help, and luckily, i work with some of the most talented and capable people in the world at Geodesic, so I am not worried at all.

As I get ready to take on the challenge from November onwards, while at the same time getting ready for FOSS.IN/2008, I look forward to meeting even more people, even more challenges, and even more ideas.

Wish me luck!