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A question of ethics

If you involve me in a process that I find out to be of questionable quality, repeatedly object, recuse myself immediately after, and ask you not to use my name to rubber stamp your questionable results, but you still do, what does that say about you? (To be continued) p.s. Am currently keeping comments on [...]

Not everything goes as planned…

TL;DR Version: PRODUCTISE.IN isn’t happening in January 2012, will now happen in our regular event slot in December 2012. The long version: For the past 10 years or so, I have had things mostly work as planned for my projects. In 2001, I had to scrap the original Linux Bangalore event plans when things didn’t [...]

PRODUCTISE.IN: The Successor to FOSS.IN…

Update: Please see this post for updated information about this event This is possibly the fastest that Team FOSS.IN has ever put together an event. As promised in my last post, here is some information about the new event series that we are putting together. And with your support, it will be every bit as [...]


Back in December 2010, I wrote that we were ending our 10 year old event – FOSS.IN – and I promised that I would write more after FOSS.IN/2010 was over. Here we go.

Some of my talk videos

Since people have asked, I have linked to some of my talk videos from my site. Not all of them (some are honestly not worth showcasing), but if you want to see what I am like as a speaker, feel free to hit (also linked from the main menu of the site, under “Content [...]

My TEDxBITSGoa Talk: The Next Billion Users

The TEDxBITSGoa folks finally got around to posting the video of my talk from February 2011. This was one of the two talks I did almost back to back (one in Goa, the other in Chennai), and is entitled “The Next Billion Users“. The talk is about product design, and what I discovered on the [...]

Why I came back…

This is a long overdue post, but life has been kind of busy for me since December last year… Saying goodbye to your baby… At the end of FOSS.IN/2009, I announced that I was stepping down as the project lead of Team FOSS.IN. It was really hard for me to do – FOSS.IN is one [...]